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  • Ouster releases OS1-32 high-resolution, 32-channel lidar sensor
    SAN FRANCISCO — Sensor maker Ouster Inc. last week announced the availability of OS1-32, which it claimed is “the world’s most affordable 32-channel lidar sensor.” OS1-32 is designed to enable robotics researchers and commercial developers to build robots, drones, autonomous vehicles, and other systems. Ouster said it has more than… Read more »
  • Alpha Prime sensor from Velodyne Lidar to sharpen self-driving car perception
    SAN JOSE, Calif. — Velodyne Lidar Inc. this week said the new Alpha Prime sensor uses its patented surround-view technology to deliver the combined highest performance specifications for the autonomous mobility industry in one sensor. Alpha Prime is “an unmatched solution in perception, field of view and range for autonomous… Read more »
  • Sony Aibo robot dog can now learn tricks from developers
    Sony Aibo robot dog. | Credit: Sony Thanks to a new web-based API, developers can now teach Sony’s Aibo robot dog new tricks. Sony just released software update 2.50 for the ERS1000 Aibo that introduces a developer program for experienced developers and a visual programming tool for beginners that features… Read more »
  • Omron LD-250 mobile robot launches worldwide
    Omron LD-250 mobile robot. | Credit: Omron Omron is now selling its LD-250 mobile robot worldwide. The Omron LD-250 is the strongest mobile robot in the company’s LD series with a payload capacity of up to 250kg. It features a maximum speed of 1.2 m/s and a maximum run time… Read more »
  • Xpeng Motors raises $400M for electric, autonomous vehicles
    GUANGZHOU, China — Electric and autonomous vehicle maker Xpeng Motors this week announced that it has raised $400 million in Series C capital funding from investors including telecommunications firm Xiaomi Corp. Xpeng Motors designs and manufactures vehicles that it said are seamlessly integrated with the Internet and use the latest… Read more »
  • Autonomy solution providers key to future of mobile robotics
    For the past thirty years, the robotics industry has been defined by a large number of providers building similar products with proprietary operating systems, controllers, and software to perform largely similar tasks. This applies particularly to mobile robotics. This might be called the Artisanal Age of robotics given the significant… Read more »
  • Surgical robots in the spotlight at Healthcare Robotics Engineering Forum
    One of the most promising areas of healthcare and medical robotics is robot-assisted surgery. From greater precision in minimally invasive procedures to the application of artificial intelligence, augmented reality, and 5G networks, surgeons and patients can benefit from new developments. The Healthcare Robotics Engineering Forum, which will be at the… Read more »
  • DroneDeploy raises $35M Series D to expand drone inspection capabilities
    SAN FRANCISCO — DroneDeploy this week announced that it has raised $35 million in Series D funding. The drone inspection software company said it plans to use the funding to build out its suite of offerings, expand internationally, and move into new industries. DroneDeploy said it is “the leading enterprise-grade… Read more »
  • XACT Robotics raises $36M for needle steering system
    XACT Robotics XACT Robotics, a Hingham, Mass.- and Caesarea, Israel-based company founded in 2013, closed a $36 million Series D round of financing. The funding will be used to develop and commercialize the FDA-cleared XACT Robotic System. The XACT Robotic System, which also has CE Mark, is a hands-free robotic… Read more »
  • Webinar: Robotics solutions for warehouse and distribution center operations
    Thursday December 12, 2019 11:30 AM / ET 8:30 AM PT     Corporate logistics and supply chain groups have adopted a wide range of robotics solutions to improve the operational efficacy and efficiency in warehouses and distribution centers. Robotics solutions, technologies that “sense, think and act” (often autonomously), are… Read more »
  • Bossa Nova 2020 inventory robot includes sharper vision for brick-and-mortar retailers
    The Bossa Nova 2020 inventory robot has new lights, sensors, and edge processing. Source: Bossa Nova Robotics PITTSBURGH — Bossa Nova Robotics today announced its Bossa Nova 2020 robot for capturing inventory data and applying artificial intelligence to retail. The updated system includes a more nimble base for narrow aisles… Read more »
  • AMP Robotics raises $16M for recycling robots and AI
    DENVER — AMP Robotics Corp. announced today that it has raised Series A funding of $16 million, which it plans to use to scale up operations and develop artificial intelligence products to make recycling more economical. In 2017, China restricted imports of waste from the U.S., saying they didn’t meet… Read more »
  • AlphaPilot AI drone competition crowdsources talent with HeroX, Lockheed Martin
    Crowdsourced talent, artificial intelligence, and drone racing — AlphaPilot has a unique combination of ways to promote innovation. Lockheed Martin, HeroX, and the Drone Racing League have partnered on the AlphaPilot AI Drone Racing Innovation Challenge, which the organizers claimed is the first large-scale open innovation challenge of its kind.… Read more »
  • DeepRoute COO describes road to autonomous vehicle funding, testing in California
    Source: DeepRoute In the race toward self-driving vehicles, developing novel hardware or software is not enough for newcomers challenging major automotive suppliers and technology companies. They must also secure funding and get permission to test vehicles on public roads to gather valuable data. LLC managed to accomplish these tasks… Read more »
  • Adidas closing automated ‘Speedfactories’ in Germany, the U.S.
    Adidas is shutting down its automated “Speedfactories” in Ansbach, Germany, and Atlanta. The factories, which opened in 2016 and 2017, respectively, were part of Adidas’ strategy to decentralize its shoe-making processes and bring faster production to customers. Adidas said the factories will close by “April 2020 at the latest.” At… Read more »
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