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  • How to maximize machine vision guided robotics
    Machine vision systems are increasingly being used to guide robot actions — a trend that has grown out of recent advances in affordable machine vision technologies and industrial computing power. When coupled with 2D or 3D sensors, robots can be made to perform a wide variety of tasks, from basic… Read more »
  • CFM Challenge from SPRINT Robotics seeks technologies to make tank cleaning safer
    The CFM Challenge will have single winner. Source: SPRINT Robotics SPRINT Robotics has announced the CFM Challenge, which seeks demonstrable robotic technologies that can be used for the cleaning and fabric maintenance of storage tanks, pressure vessels, process piping, and their associated supporting infrastructure. The organization plans to award €50.000… Read more »
  • Jasmin and Lavender disinfection robots launched by Geek+ worldwide in response to pandemic
    Nearly every week lately, a university or a robotics startup puts out a new disinfection robot in reaction to the novel coronavirus crisis. Relatively few of these mobile robots are ready for wide commercial or hospital use. Today, Geekplus Technology Co. said it has launched disinfection robots “Jasmin” and “Lavender”… Read more »
  • Stop claiming that drones can do anything, says American Robotics CEO
    The Scout drones were designed with specific capabilities in mind. Source: American Robotics Despite the hype surrounding drones for the past decade, we are still only scratching the surface of what is achievable with this technology, particularly within the commercial sector. Hundreds of billions of dollars still await to be… Read more »
  • UVC robot built by MIT CSAIL disinfects Greater Boston Food Bank
    Essential services such as healthcare and food distribution have been under sustained stress during the novel coronavirus pandemic. A team from the Massachusetts Institute of Technology has teamed up with telepresence provider Ava Robotics Inc. and the Greater Boston Food Bank to design a new disinfection system. The United Nations… Read more »
  • Robotic textiles developed at Wyss Institute could enable mechanotherapies
    Soft robots can be useful because of their ability to interact with and conform to the human body in ways that stiff and rigid robots cannot. Wearable devices with specially engineered fabrics are starting to become the basis for new rehabilitation therapies. Soft robots can also protect wearers while they… Read more »
  • Yaskawa Compass intended as an intuitive interface for advanced manufacturing
    Yaskawa America Inc. recently released Yaskawa Compass, a graphical user interface tool for advanced manufacturing. The software package can benefit multiple applications in 3D printing, shape cutting, machine tool and robotics, said the Waukegan, Ill.-based Drives & Motion unit of Yaskawa America. Yaskawa’s Drives & Motion division manufactures industrial automation… Read more »
  • Advanced vision and the future of robot safety in manufacturing
    FreeMove is a vision-based safety system. Source: Veo Robotics Vision systems have been employed in manufacturing for parts inspection, parts alignment, quality control, part identification, and part picking for many years. Now, new vision technology helps provide safety for industrial robots to work alongside humans. Robotics standards outline four different… Read more »
  • Podcast: first-half 2020 highlights; space robotics expert Chris Thayer
    The Robot Report Podcast recaps the top stories of the year thus far, including the COVID-19 pandemic. Welcome to episode 5 of The Robot Report Podcast, which brings conversations with robotics innovators straight to you. Join us every Wednesday for discussions with leading roboticists, innovative robotics companies, and other key members… Read more »
  • Pudu Robotics gets Series B financing for indoor delivery service robots
    Pudu Technology Inc. today announced the completion of a Series B financing round of more than $15 million. Zhang Tao, CEO of Pudu Robotics, said the funding will be used to develop products, grow sales, explore new use cases, and expand overseas marketing. Shenzhen, China-based Pudu Robotics designs, develops, and… Read more »
  • Vecna Robotics appoints AI expert Director Daniela Rus to its board of directors
    Daniela Rus has joined Vecna Robotics’ board. Source: MIT WALTHAM, Mass. — Vecna Robotics today announced that it has named artificial intelligence and robotics expert Daniela Rus to its board of directors. She is the director of the Computer Science and Artificial Intelligence Laboratory, or CSAIL, at MIT. “Rus will… Read more »
  • ARM Institute announces expedited call for COVID-19 technology projects
    The Advanced Robotics for Manufacturing, or ARM Institute, yesterday announced an accelerated call for technology programs to address the COVID-19 pandemic. The “ARM Technology Project Call ARM-TEC-20-02” seeks to identify, fund, and measure results from selected programs within the next two months. The ARM Institute is a public-private consortium dedicated… Read more »
  • RIOS raises funding, emerges from stealth with AI driven dexterous robots
    DX-1 is able to recognize and handle parts in multiple orientations. Source: RIOS RIOS Corp. today emerged from 18 months of “stealth mode” and announced that it has raised $5 million in venture funding. The startup said it has developed “highly dexterous robots that handle hard-to-automate tasks in unstructured environments.”… Read more »
  • Elementary Robotics closes Series A funding for automated inspections
    Source: Elementary Robotics Elementary Robotics Inc., which has developed a “full stack” of hardware and software for industrial automation, today said that it has raised $12.7 million in Series A funding. The Los Angeles-based startup applies machine learning and computer vision to automate quality and traceability workflows in visual inspections.… Read more »
  • THNQ fund from ROBO Global looks ahead to post-pandemic AI infrastructure growth
    Although crises such as the novel coronavirus pandemic may cause some investors to be more cautious, others are looking to technologies and industries where growth is likely to return or even continue at higher rates. ROBO Global LLC last month announced its THNQ artificial intelligence exchange-traded fund. To create the… Read more »
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