We want our robotics candidates to know as much about the robotics companies that are promoting jobs on our marketplace as they can. New jobs are being created in this industry, and as they are, we believe that seeing the people who are building these companies, speaking about their companies, products and culture, are great ways to get a feel and a sense for what it might be like to work at these companies. 

As you know, we believe that “People Power Robots”. In featuring these videos, you get a chance to see these people! We all share a common love for the innovative robotics products that they and their companies are developing, but we hope you get a better sense for their personalities, opportunities, and it motivates you to apply to join their teams.  

We’ll be adding more video content to our site over time. You’ll see company videos listed on their company pages. You can see them on our Youtube Channel, or, watch them here. We will update this page periodically with new videos, and robotics companies who are interested, please send your videos to Robots.Jobs so we can promote them to our community.



Locus Robotics

Brain Corp

RightHand Robotics

6 River Systems

Soft Robotics


IAM Robotics

MIR – Mobile Industrial Robots

Universal Robots

SWRI – Southwest Research Institute

Odense Robotics

Harmonic Drive

Vecna Robotics


Berkshire Grey

Smith & Nephew

Optimus Ride