Blue Ocean Robotics – a Robot Venture Factory in Odense, Denmark – develops, produces and sells professional service robots primarily in healthcare, hospitality, construction and agriculture. The portfolio of robots includes such brands as: 

GoBe Robots, a mobile telepresence robot for communication and social inclusion for e.g vulnerable persons. It  heavily reduces CO2 emissions through reduced transportation, it reduces infection spread by enabling people to connect from remote locations and work together. 

-UVD Robots, a mobile robot for disinfection, which saves lives in hospitals, Care Homes, schools, retail stores, airports and many more places by preventing infections from spreading.

-PTR Robots, a mobile robot for safe patient handling and rehabilitation; as well as others. The robot enables caretakers to do safe patient handling and rehabilitation of patients with stroke and similar types of paralysis.

Blue Ocean Robotics develops the robots from problem, idea and design to development, commercialization, and all the way to exit. Each robot is moved into its own subsidiary-venture company, making Blue Ocean Robotics the world’s first Robot Venture Factory. Blue Ocean Robotics supplies all our venture companies, who are selling the service robots, with high quality robots on-time in a volume that is scaling dramatically. Among other things, Blue Ocean Robotics has won one of the robot industry’s most prestigious international awards, the IERA Award 2019. 


We make robots for humans enabling people around the world to do their job with better health and safety while also improving their productivity, skills and eventually their quality-of-life. 

                                            We are proud to be serving humanity through our portfolio of robots.

Your Profile

We expect you to have some years of experience and a proven track record from a relevant industry. It is important that our teams focus on development that adds value to our customers, so you have experience with product maturing. You need to have the following experience for the position:

  • React
  • Typescript
  • Git
  • Javascript 
  • UI design based on css / styled-components 

Nice to have experience for the position:

  • Ionic framework
  • Websockets 
  • Material-UI / material design 
  • Figma/AdobeXD/Zeplin basic knowledge 
  • Experience with React unit testing
  • Storybook
  • ROS (Robot Operating System)
  • Knowledge of relevant coding practices, like Clean code and the SOLID principles
  • Knowledge and experience working with CI/CD
  • Atlassian ecosystem (Jira, Confluence, Bitbucket)
  • Experience from working in an agile team

As a person you are results oriented. You can plan and execute your work both within a team and within your areas of responsibility. You are self propelled, getting-things-done oriented, systematic, analytical but yet pragmatic, and you are not afraid of challenging targets and KPIs. For you high working speed and fast failure goes hand in hand to achieve better results, faster. You master both the high level picture of the system and have the ability to work at a detailed level, when the tasks require so.

The UI Developer will work in our headquarters in Odense, Denmark and collaborate with other team members may be in Copenhagen or Barcelona.


What we offer.

In Blue Ocean Robotics we develop and commercialize robots. The development of our robots is based on our RoBi-X model, where Blue Ocean Robotics has the management of robot technology and the design of robots in collaboration with strong partners in the market.

Blue Ocean Robotics is an efficient innovation factory that continues to conquer new robot territory with service robots for the healthcare, hospitality, construction and agriculture industries. Recognizing the strength of Blue Ocean Robotics’ business model and success, a powerhouse team of investors have injected DKK 80M (nearly $12M USD) into the company in 2019 .With a doubling of the company value in just one year, Blue Ocean Robotics is now worth 800 million DKK (nearly $120M USD). 

Unlike most other companies in the Odense robot hub, Blue Ocean Robotics focuses on more than one product, with a range of service robot products for widely varying industries such as healthcare, hospitality, construction and agriculture. The Blue Ocean Robotics “robot venture factory” concept is that new robot concepts are developed in the parent company and then placed into subsidiaries, which in time are sold.

We are fast-paced, dynamic and have a flexible organization. We have monthly social events, Warrant Program for all full time employees, lunch arrangements, spouse network, Blue Ocean Robotics Academy, bicycle arrangements, language school, health insurance and of course PC and mobile phone are available. We also offer an Outplacement program for our international spouses. 

We respect each other and our differences. We take pride in integrating international colleagues in cooperation with Odense Robotics and International Community Odense.

Want to know more about Blue Ocean Robotics please visit our website: You can also follow us on Linkedin, Facebook and Twitter.

Please note that we only receive applications via upload of documents on our website.