Pison is hiring full time software engineers to help us build the future of human computer interaction.


Pison is a high tech MIT startup creating the next generation of nerve-sensing and micro-gesture recognition for control of augmented reality and drones. The patented technology is being deployed in partnership with NASA, the ALS Association, NSF, and the Department of Defense.

The company was founded in 2016 with the mission of creating the most intuitive and universal human-computer interface to help people with ALS and other disabilities. The concept of nerve-sensing and micro-gesture input was inspired by the CEO’s mother who had ALS.

Our patented nerve sensing and gesture recognition technology enables more intuitive control for AR and VR platforms in industrial and military use-cases.


• Desktop Apps

    – Written in Kotlin, running on JVM

    – TornadoFX (JavaFX) for frontend

• Android Apps

    – Written in Kotlin using native Android views for frontend

    – Core classification and filtering algorithms are shared with desktop via Gradle dependencies

• Web services

    – Our web services are hosted on Azure, implemented in Django or Flask

• Demo/PoC apps

    – Implemented in Unity for the most part

    – Keeping the Unity SDK up to date with our native SDKs is a high priority, but you will not be expected to build Unity apps as a part of your role



As a core member of the software engineering team, you will have a huge impact on the direction of Pison's software development as well as the languages, frameworks and tools that we use. Our ideal candidate is a polyglot with a passion for programming no matter the tools.


• 2 years of Java experience

• Some experience with Python web frameworks like Flask and/or Django

• Experience working with Maven repositories and Gradle for dependency management

• Adept at IntelliJ Idea and related IDEs

• Experience writing specs and staying on top of management of complex, multifaceted projects

• Experience with the implementation of REST APIs is a plus, as well as the consumption of APIs in Java/Kotlin

• Android and Kotlin knowledge is a plus

If you've worked with Arduino or other small hardware projects, or you have some hardware startup experience on the software side, please let us know!