We believe there are many problems in the world in which robotics could play a significant role in making it easier, faster and safer for people to get things done. We’re looking for roboticists, designers, hardware and software engineers to help us explore these possibilities, develop breakthrough technologies, and build new products that could help millions of people.


You'd join a small (but growing!) scrappy technical team tackling some hard unsolved problems combining robotics, controls, sensors and machine learning, working on a mix of improving the control systems and software infrastructure that allow us to build amazing robot capabilities, and building and prototyping new capabilities and robot applications on top of this infrastructure.

This team involves substantial autonomy and ability to set technical direction, iterate, and prototype. Our team is a mix of both long-term Googlers and people whose careers were primarily external software+hardware startups, and we have a minimal meetings/email/slides culture– we try to balance light planning and good technical rigor with rolling up our sleeves and learning by experimenting and getting data. This role also had the opportunity to work from an East Bay lab location.


  • Designing and developing software and APIs (primarily in C++) to enable robust, clear, easy to use robot capabilities in our robotics software stack, and testing it on real robots.
  • Developing software (including some real-time hybrid controls) to enable a new range of complex multi-sensor robot control techniques on our robots.
  • Working with the team on new sensors and figuring out how to integrate them into our robot systems (drivers, synchronization, interfaces, logging, calibration, piping in to control systems).
  • Acting as a “customer” of the work above by developing “internal robot applications” on top of that software stack with robot hardware in our labs.
  • Collaborating with engineers who are exploring new ML techniques, helping them move their work in simulation onto real robots and thoughtfully blend classic controls and ML techniques.

Minimum Qualifications:

  • Previous experience with robotics control systems.
  • Experience programming in C++.

Preferred Qualifications:

  • Experience with industrial robot arms.

 About X, the moonshot factory

X creates radical new technologies to solve some of the world’s biggest problems. We develop uncomfortably ambitious, potentially world-changing new ideas such as self-driving cars, balloon-powered Internet and smart contact lenses. We’re a team of makers, entrepreneurs, engineers, designers and scientists with deep technical expertise who love the challenge of the seemingly impossible. X was formerly known as Google[x] and is part of Alphabet.