Testing automation for Roboctics project for AR/VR devices. Help create automation for Robots. Create tests to find any problems with software before the product is launched. Identify and analyze any bugs found during testing and document them. Must pay close attention to detail and coach the team on managing testing tools, reporting results, and motivating process improvement. Develop new tests to run, run the tests, and document the results; if any defects are noted, need to collaborate with the software developers to find a fix and patch the program. Run the test again to make sure there are no new bugs and to make sure the defect found has been corrected once the defect has been patched. Experience with computer programming languages such as, Java, C++, Python, SQL, and XML. Must also have experience with Microsoft Windows and Linux. Participate in customer and regulatory agency audits. Prepare monthly QA status reports. Train internal personnel in QA program requirements.


• Three years of experience or more with CC++ or Python.

• One year of experience with test automation engineering.  Robotics Experience

• Experience in game testing or Graphics is a strong plus.

• Experience in Unity and Unreal products is a strong plus.

• Work independently: Must be able to work independently given direction on a weekly basis. Intelligent and resourceful when finding answers to questions.

• Communication: Must be able to quickly and easily articulate issues and what needs to be done to resolve them.

• Able to deal with ambiguity: Able to develop test documentation, processes, and deliver results with little to no documentation or direction from the team.

• Works well with a team: Expected to be a resource to the team. Must be able to work well with others, able to juggle multiple priorities given by multiple individuals.