Mechanical Engineer

Uniquely talented individual wanted: extremely difficult problems require timely solutions; strategic clients already placing large orders. Must be a confident designer with hands-on experience developing components and deploying complex systems—which work when they must. Opportunity for high growth and real impact to the field of autonomous robotics.

The work at hand requires:

  • Expertise with appropriate design tools (e.g. Solidworks)
  • Track record of success developing critical elements from white board to production
  • Proficiency with fundamentals (i.e. design, development, vendor interaction/sourcing) and best-practices
  • Ability to communicate with both technical and non-technical communities
  • Driving hard, while keeping morale high

About NextDroid LLC

Early stage intelligent machine company, with platform for autonomous vehicle diagnostics. Veteran leadership; alumni of MIT and CMU. Recognized as ‘go to’ team [working at the outside edge of customer comfort]. Track record of success with companies from launch to liquidity.