We are looking for:

• Experience developing autonomy around ML techniques, and with deep learning architectures for classification, detection, and scene segmentation

• Experience in applied Machine Learning including data collection, analysis and feature engineering • Experience with tensorflow, Caffe, Ceres Solver, ROS, OpenCV, and PCL

• Outstanding educational credentials including a Masters or PhD in computer science, machine learning, or another relevant field

About Augean Robotics: Augean Robotics is commercializing a ground-up autonomous platform for use in agriculture. As a full stack company, sitting at the nexus of hardware/robotics, autonomy, and artificial intelligence, we are launching the first generation of robots into the world’s largest industry – agriculture, and solving one of the biggest challenges facing our food system – labor scarcity. We are venture-backed, and looking for top talent that shares our passion and wants to be part of a fastmoving and highly execution-oriented team.

To apply, or to learn more: Send an email to jointheteam@agrbt.com. Please include your resume and a few brief words on why you're interested.