Would you like to be a part of a rapidly growing company with the opportunity to influence your own career progression? Could you see yourself providing Marketing Communication support for a unique and groundbreaking product with a huge development potential?  As part of Universal Robots, you become part of a global success. We have performance-orientated colleagues who all share a passion for building a globally recognized business. We see rapid development and our learning curve is steep. At Universal Robots, we have an ambitious growth strategy where we aim to fill the role of market leader in collaborative robots. Learn more about the groundbreaking products you will be working with: http://www.universal-robots.com/


你想成为一家快速发展的公司的一员,有机会影响提升自己的职业发展吗? 您是否认为自己可以为一个具有巨大发展潜力的独特的、开创性的产品提供市场营销支持工作?作为优傲机器人的一员,你将成为全球成功的一部分。我们的同事是以业绩为导向,汇聚在一起并热衷于共同建立一家全球知名的企业。我们看到了快速的发展,陡峭的学习曲线。在优傲机器人,我们有雄心勃勃的增长战略,我们的目标是继续引领协作机器人市场领导者的角色。您可以通过http://www.universal-robots.com/了解更多关于我们开创性的产品。

Basic Responsibilities 基本职责

1.                   Develop and manage distribution network. 开发和管理经销商网络

2.                   Actively drive sales through the distributors following up on project leads and signing contracts. 积极通过经                        销商推动销售,跟进项目及签订合同

3.                   Lead sales channels in value selling and value proposition promotion. 领导销售渠道和教育价值型销售,                              并进行价值主张推广

4.                   Develop market leads and coordinate with distributors. 开发市场引导和协调经销商

5.                   Daily pipeline and project tracking, sales activity management and timely reporting.每日进行渠道和项目追                          踪,销售活动管理并及时上报

6.                   Coordinate with the company’s technical team as for technical assistance to distributors and customers.配                          合公司的技术团队为经销商及客户提供技术援助

7.                   Work independently to improve sales performance and support general sales support tasks.独立完成工作提                        高销售业绩,提供销售支持

8.                   Other sales related tasks assigned by manger.上级主管分配的其他与销售相关任务

9.                   Travel up to 80% of the time. 80%的时间需要出差


II.                   Qualifications & Skills 任职资格及技巧

10.                 College degree or above. 本科学历及以上

11.                 Experience in industrial automation, electronics, automotive, general manufacturing, or other B2B sales                              required. 在工业自动化、电子、汽车、通用制造、或其他B2B领域有销售经验。

12.                 5-8 years of sales experience with proven track record (preferable through distributors). 5年-8年销售经验                          (最好是经销商模式)

13.                 Experience with robotics and automation a plus. 有相关机器人和自动化的经验者优先

14.                 Technical knowledge a plus. 有相关技术知识优先

15.                 Experience in independently negotiating and signing contracts. 有独立谈判和签署合同的经验

16.                 Accomplished in MS Office application (Excel, PPT, etc.) 擅长微软办公软件

17.                 English reading and writing required, spoken skills preferred 要求英语读写能力,有良好的口语能力更佳


III.                   Profile 简介

18.                 Highly self-motivated and goal oriented 高度自我激励和目标导向

19.                 Strong analytical thinker and ability to use creating problems solving. 善于思考分析和有创造性解决问题的能                        力

20.                Have the customer development ability to help channel. And has the very active action ability and the      enthusiasm, uses to help the distributors. 具备客户开发能力,协助渠道。并具有非常积极的行动能力和热情,用来帮助经销商。

21.                  Have some expansion ability and customer resources. 具备一定的业务拓展能力和客户资源

22.                 Strong communication and teamwork skills. 较强的沟通和团队工作技巧

23.                 Adaptation and ability to contribute in a fast based dynamic company 适应能力强和有能力在一个动态发展的                        公司做出贡献

24.                 Hands on working style and strong leadership skills 事必亲恭的工作风格

25.                 Ability to multitask, highly organized and good at managing priorities. 具有多任务能力,高度的组织性和善于                        管理工作重点

26.                 Strong communication skills and good at teaching others. 有较强的沟通和教学技巧

27.                 Good negotiation skills and ability and close contracts. 良好的谈判技巧和能力,完成合同签署

28.                 Has strong vision and good at value selling. 具有大局观以及长远的战略眼光和良好的价值销售理念