Jobs In Zurich

Electrical Engineer

We are enhancing our development team with an electrical and/or mechatronics engineer. You will be responsible for the design, development, implementation and testing of electronic circuits and systems in our robots and their payloads.

We are looking for competences in key aspects of electronics development, ranging from sensors to power electronics, including the necessary software.

Mechanical Engineer

Optimized electric drive joints enable our quadruped robot ANYmal to run, climb, and move in challenging terrain while state-of-the-art perception sensors provide the ability to autonomously navigate and inspect environments such as industrial sites, power plants, and subterranean systems.

We are looking for an experienced mechanical engineer to join our development team to design advanced electric drives, sensory payloads and legged robots.

You will be responsible for the mechanical development of components, assemblies and whole robotic systems spanning the entire product development cycle.

Software Engineer for Embedded and Robot Systems

ANYbotics develops the quadrupedal robot ANYmal to provide autonomous inspection in challenging environments such as industrial sites, power plants, and subterranean systems. ANYmal is equipped with powerful actuators, custom electronics, and state-of-the-art perception sensors (LIDAR, stereo cameras, GPS) to navigate through complex environments. We develop a full-stack robotics software framework with core locomotion and navigation algorithms, mapping and localization pipelines, mission setup and user interface tools.

We are looking for an experienced software engineer to join our system & applications team. Our team provides the glue between hardware, applications, and the user. We make our robots smarter, robuster and more user friendly and constantly come up with new ways to optimize the performance and skills of our robots. We closely collaborate with experts from locomotion, navigation and perception and implement, test, and support the software running on the robot on various levels including firmware, operating systems, drivers, middleware (ROS) and user interfaces. We are passionate about good software design and performance optimization.

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