Jobs In Albany, Oregon

Robotics Controls Engineer

We are building legged robots to be fluid, dynamic, and agile, to approach and eventually exceed animal mobility, using legs, arms, and perception. The mechanical team at Agility Robotics coordinates closely with the controls team to ensure that the hardware is made with control in mind; ensuring that the sensing, actuation, and passive-dynamic behavior will enable excellent control. As an integrated team, we design behaviors through cooperation between control software and mechanical passive dynamics.

Agility Robotics seeks robotics and controls engineers with experience applying rigorous mathematical tools to dynamic machines. Experience with legged locomotion is not necessary, and depending on the specific approach, may or may not be helpful. If you have used trajectory optimization tools, controlled a juggling robot, a ping-pong playing robot, or anything involving multiple joints and fast, dynamic motion, you begin to have the background we seek.

Senior Electrical Engineer

Agility Robotics builds highly dynamic legged robots that walk run, and will go wherever people go. To achieve this, robots are designed from the ground up, including custom PCBs, and embedded code designed along with the mechanical and software team. Examples include power electronics and BLDC servo amplifier design, sensor integration (encoders, cameras, load cells, thermal sensors, etc.), EtherCAT data bus integration, wiring harness design, interfaces to external perception sensors, battery management, and integration with a user interface via wireless connections.

We seek an experienced electrical engineer to join our existing team, designing electronics for robots and contributing to the management of our engineering team. Applicants should feel comfortable designing and assembling one-off boards for rapid prototyping as well as cost-effective boards for production.

Software Engineer

Agility Robotics seeks an experienced software engineer familiar with real-time systems in Linux variants, multithreading, inter-process communication, dynamic memory sharing between threads, UI/UX, and other back-end and internal system software engineering. Experience with legged locomotion is not necessary or expected. The successful candidate will work closely with the robot controls team to continue improving the software foundations of our robot controllers.

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