Jobs In Kitchener, Ontario

Web Application Developer (Fleet Manager)

The OTTO Motors branch of Clearpath is looking for a software developer/engineer to join the Fleet Application team.

In Fleet Applications, we are responsible for the design, development, and support of software applications that are created to allow customers to interact with, monitor and support their fleets of OTTO Autonomous Vehicles. This involves participation in the entire product workflow, from customer insight gathering, problem definition, solution proposals, application design, development, and support.

For this role, we are seeking an individual to join the fleet application development team to help us build and support industry defining applications for working with autonomous vehicles and fleets. You would be working closely with the other members of the development team, as well as many other groups within OTTO Motors, in order to provide awesome solutions to the problems our customers want to solve with their fleets of OTTO vehicles.

Software Developer – Robot Networking

We believe in providing our clients with complete solutions revolutionizing manufacture and warehousing. Clearpath provides system software that allows its customers to direct and monitor their fleet of robots without having to worry about the details. We’re looking for an experienced Software Developer to help us get our robots working in efficient harmony.

You will be responsible for the architecture, design, and integration of Clearpath’s fleet command and control component. Your initial challenge will be to architect a communication layer that permits a single fleet manager instance to control hundreds of robots while using minimal bandwidth and resources. You will work closely with the rest of the Clearpath development team to make sure that we are delivering properly engineered solutions and will help with the integration of significant fleet deployments.

Devops Developer – Web and Linux Systems

We are looking for a Devops Developer to work with our Software Team. Our web applications allow users to manage robots remotely from all around the world. Our solutions are based in Microservices Architecture, hosted both on the cloud and on-premise systems. We need a strong architecture to support reliability, scalability, and security for the production environments. We need strong tooling for maintainability, integration and testing of the system. The ideal candidate has 5+ years of combined experience in software development and cloud architecture with emphasis on devops roles. This role will work alongside other software developers to deliver reliable, well tested web applications and embedded software by improving and automating our internal tools, development environments, programming practices and libraries.

Since we are rapidly scaling company, you will be wearing many hats – the job will range from investigating weird architecture behaviors that only happens in specific scenarios, to designing a high level system design to scale for thousands of robots simultaneously. You will be working alongside an experienced team of robotics veterans, software and hardware developers to help you along the way.

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