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Machine Learning Engineer

Our Machine Learning (ML) team is looking for world-class research scientists and engineers to turn Toyota’s data advantage into an AI advantage. As the #1 car maker in the world with 100 million cars on the road today, we can learn from massive amounts of data to realize safe automated driving on a global scale. Our team’s mission is to use all the data to identify and solve open research problems on the critical path to automated driving. We are working on some of the hardest challenges in the area of perception (e.g., scene understanding, 3D vision, tracking), prediction (e.g., handling uncertainty, predicting human behavior, trajectory forecasting), planning (e.g., understanding and reacting to human intent, multi-agent modeling), and general machine learning (e.g., self-supervised learning, imitation learning, active learning, multi-task learning, domain adaptation, robustness to the heavy tail of edge cases, efficient deep learning, large scale distributed training). We invent new Deep Learning algorithms that can leverage massive amounts of data (labeled or not), experimentally showing state-of-the-art performance (both in internal benchmarks and public ones, publishing at top Machine Learning and Computer Vision conferences and collaborating with our university partners). We work closely with other teams at TRI to transfer and ship our most successful algorithms and models towards world-scale long-term autonomy.

As a Machine Learning Engineer, you will contribute to state-of-the-art machine learning infrastructure and relevant software (e.g. distributed training, continuous model integration, data management, and evaluation at unparalleled scale). You will implement cutting-edge deep learning models accelerating model training time, improving performance, and tackling open problems together with research scientists. Last but not least, you will deploy your algorithms and models in our self-driving test vehicles and beyond. Responsibilities and required qualifications are as follows:


SkySpecs is seeking a Product Manager that will gain a deep working understanding of the
SkySpecs’ products and work with various stakeholders throughout the organization to
coordinate various product activities. You will be tasked with helping SkySpecs take our
autonomous inspection product to the next level to continue double digit growth as well as
participate in launching Horizon, our brand-new wind turbine analytics and management
platform. The Product Manager role is a high-visibility role within the organization, and you will
have the opportunity to work directly with customers to understand their needs, work with
SkySpecs leadership on product strategy, work with Sales and Marketing to build go-to-market
materials, and to work with the technology teams to develop amazing software.


SkySpecs is seeking a UAS Engineering Technician who combines superb drone electrical and mechanical
troubleshooting knowledge with a passion for innovative ideas and solving hard problems. You will be
responsible for the day-to-day maintenance, repair, troubleshooting, tracking, and in-field 24/7 tech
support activities associated with UAS electro-mechanical systems and subsystems. You will work closely
with software and hardware engineers, system integrators, and field operators to ensure maximum
system uptime and effective technical support for all facets of the technical operations process.


SkySpecs is seeking a Web Application Developer that will work with the cloud services team on Horizon,
an application where industrial energy asset owners can view inspection reports and manage
maintenance processes (e.g. repair, follow-up inspections, vendor discovery and selection, and so on). As
a SkySpecs Web Application Developer, you will have the opportunity to create unique new experiences
to manage outdated industrial processes. You will have the opportunity to dive in and work on projects
throughout the stack ranging from our front-end React application through to our AWS back-end.

Accounting/Financial Analyst, Ann Arbor, US

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Large Accounts Manager, Ann Arbor, US

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