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Software Engineer – Perception

Job Description
Locus Robotics has a large and geographically diverse Robotics Software Engineering team working on a variety of cutting-edge engineering challenges. We are seeking a Perception Engineer to join our team. Locus robot fleets operate day and night, navigating hazards in the form of spotty Wi-Fi, stray pallets, low batteries, and of course, other robots. Robots need to be able to accurately perceive the world around them in order to make intelligent decisions. Robust perception is dependent on numerous factors, from quality sensor data to calibration to object detection and recognition. Locus Robotics is looking for a qualified Senior Perception Engineer to help us push our fleet to the next level of autonomy.

Deployment Engineer

As a Deployment Engineer with Locus Robotics, you will collaborate with a talented team to do on-site deployments of our LocusEmpower robotics solutions at customer sites. This job requires a unique combination of warehouse and logistics experience, well-developed project management skills, training ability, leadership, relationship management and effective communication. You will travel extensively (>75%), with all expenses paid, in North America and also international locations as we grow. Due to nature of this role, working remotely is an option for qualified candidates.

Robotics Software Manager

Locus Robotics is looking for a Software Development Manager to lead its industry-leading Robotics Software Team.

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