Jobs In Redwood City, California

Senior Mechanical Engineer

We are growing and for our headquarter in Redwood City, CA we’re looking for an experienced Senior Mechanical Engineer who wants to play a key role in designing, building and optimizing, Penny our robot.

Your Story

After graduating with a mechanical engineering or similar degree, you’ve spent more then a couple of years in a large hardware company and developed senior skills in the robotics, cars, consumer facing product or similar fields. You have a lead a small mechanical team designing real world products and have a track record of taking prototypes into manufacturing.

But you feel stuck, plateaued, same tasks day in and out and there’s no promotion or further development for you on the horizon. But you know you could do so much more! You enjoy driving optimization strategies, realizing ambiguous work streams and translating product requirements into technical specification. You want to own projects, define and achieve project milestones and drive constant innovation and optimization. You’re missing the team spirit and you know with your go-getter personality and people-focussed mentality you’re ready to lead a small team of motivated mechanical engineers.

In a nutshell: It’s time for a career change into a fast-pacing, dynamic and get-go working environment. And that’s exactly what you can find at Bear Robotics.

UX Design Lead

We are looking to hire a “full-stack” Design Lead who is highly motivated and product-oriented to build our robotics products at Bear Robotics. The key role for this position is to drive the direction of the design aspects of the company mainly Human Robot interaction, UI/UX design and Product design. Robots have started to be part of the human life and we need a breakthrough not only in the technology but also in the design. Bear Robotics is opening this opportunity in the restaurant and hospitality area. We are growing very quickly and lots of opportunities are coming up. It is a good time to join the company.

In hospitality space, the robots interact with three distinct parties.

Who is our CEO?

1) Customers: Restaurant customers must love to have the robots.

2) Employees: Our robots help employees and they should feel empowered by collaborating with robots.

3) Operators: Restaurant operators should see happy customers and employees as well as more efficiency and revenue.

Restaurants are important place that everyone eats and have some happy memories associated with it. Imagine if robots are all over the place in the restaurants, what kind of robots do you want to see and what kind would you hate? This is the opportunity to help us make the right product that will make the restaurant a better place for C.E.O.

Who wants to write the history with us, raise your hand!

Engineering Intern

Bear Robotics, Inc. is an ex-Googler startup based in Silicon Valley. We are creating solutions for the future of automated casual dining and disrupting the way restaurants are operated. Our MVP, Penny, is an AI-driven autonomous robot that helps with the running and bussing roles in a restaurant. This is a big help to restaurant employees, who encounter a lot of physically demanding work.

A restaurant is a social place to enjoy with your family and friends. We are here to make the restaurant a better place to work using robotics and AI. We want to enable robots to join our society as a key assistant to restaurant workers.

We are hiring passionate students to disrupt the restaurant industry. If you want to dive into deep-tech and like to eat and drink, then Bear Robotics, Inc. is a perfect place for you.


You would be responsible for improvements to Bear Operating Systems, our cloud based infrastructure that controls, monitors and schedules our fleet of robots distributed around the world.

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