Jobs In Mountain View, California

Machine Learning Software Engineer

We believe there are many problems in the world in which robotics could play a significant role in making it easier, faster and safer for people to get things done.

You’d join a small scrappy technical team applying ML/RL to some hard unsolved problems combining robotics, controls, and sensing.

Frontend/HMI Software Engineering Lead

As a Frontend Software Engineering Lead you are excited about making robots significantly more capable than they are today at performing useful tasks in real environments. In a team of roboticists, software engineers, designers, fabricators and control engineers, you will take the lead on developing a human-machine interface that breaks down complex interactions with hardware and software and makes them more accessible.

Software Engineer, Applied Robotics/Controls

You’d join a small (but growing!) scrappy technical team tackling some hard unsolved problems combining robotics, controls, sensors and machine learning, working on a mix of improving the control systems and software infrastructure that allow us to build amazing robot capabilities, and building and prototyping new capabilities and robot applications on top of this infrastructure.

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