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Senior Robotics Software Engineer

Are you a skilled software roboticist excited about building robots that do real work on construction sites? Construction touches all of our lives, yet it is one of the least automated industries on the planet. Dusty Robotics develops construction robots that empower workers to build buildings faster, better, and at lower cost.

VP of Engineering

Who We Are
Dusty Robotics is an early-stage venture-backed startup developing robot-powered tools for the modern construction site. The trend in construction is towards increasing digitization. Yet while 3 in 4 construction firms have adopted digital BIM modeling to design buildings, most of the building work is still performed by skilled labor in the field.
Dusty is developing robotic automation tools that bridge this gap between BIM and the field. Our first product, the Dusty FieldPrinter, is essentially a “printer on wheels” that can take BIM/CAD models and print them full size on the deck of a construction site. Instead of pulling measuring tape to mark points and snapping chalk lines, layout crews using our robotic solution produce high-quality, accurate layout in record time.
In choosing Dusty, you will be leading a small team of world-class engineers to bring the FieldPrinter to life. We have strong customer pull and a full pipeline just waiting for us to finish building this product.

Software Engineer: Robotics (all levels)

Develop, extend, support, and apply robotics software, including the ROS programming framework and the Gazebo simulator. Join our team as we build the open source tools that are relied upon by the global robotics community, from education and research to product. Help us to apply those tools to solve important problems.

Senior Software Engineer: Web

Develop user friendly, cross platform, lightweight, and mobile interfaces to robotic and autonomous systems. Join our team to help build the next generation of web applications for robotic systems.

Our team has a deep background in embedded devices, robot simulation, and control software. This experience will combine with your knowledge of web technologies to create a seamless ecosystem of software for robot control, planning, analysis, and simulation.

We prefer this position to be filled on-site at our Mountain View, California office. However, we are open to remote employment arrangements elsewhere in the US.

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