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Intern – Control Robotics

Willingness to learn. Rome was not built in a day and we don’t expect our Control Engineers to know it all on their first day. We do however, expect them to be open to learning and feedback. We are looking for candidates with lots of potential that will join Starsky as full time engineers in the future. As such we see internships as proving grounds for long term opportunities.

Moving fast means catching up fast. Our internship usually last about 3 months. This means that you will start in a brand new place and be expected to show what you can do on a really tight schedule. As much as we love developing your skills (we really do!), that means that you will have to catch up pretty fast. It also means that some background experience is needed as it would be really hard to learn control theory, how to code and then solve challenging vehicle problems in 3 months.

Real world problems need real world solutions. We think driverless trucks will soon be driving the roads rather than stuck as a 5 year research problem. That means we prioritize practical solutions over untested theories. At Starsky, what you build will be used soon and not in a far away future

No one has done this before. Plain and simple, you will be part of the first team that solves the autonomy problem for trucks. We believe we have a good solution, but will need to adapt our approach along the way. We are always open to new algorithms and experiments as long as they are safe.

Not sure if you have the skillset?

Engineering Intern

Bear Robotics, Inc. is an ex-Googler startup based in Silicon Valley. We are creating solutions for the future of automated casual dining and disrupting the way restaurants are operated. Our MVP, Penny, is an AI-driven autonomous robot that helps with the running and bussing roles in a restaurant. This is a big help to restaurant employees, who encounter a lot of physically demanding work.

A restaurant is a social place to enjoy with your family and friends. We are here to make the restaurant a better place to work using robotics and AI. We want to enable robots to join our society as a key assistant to restaurant workers.

We are hiring passionate students to disrupt the restaurant industry. If you want to dive into deep-tech and like to eat and drink, then Bear Robotics, Inc. is a perfect place for you.


You would be responsible for improvements to Bear Operating Systems, our cloud based infrastructure that controls, monitors and schedules our fleet of robots distributed around the world.

Robotics Software Intern

If you’re the kind of person who gets things done at lightning speed, doesn’t need to be told what to do at every step and takes failure as a learning opportunity to grow, then we want to talk to you. If you’ve got an entrepreneurial spirit, show that to us, we love that in our team! Our pedigree comes from deep robotics research and we love to give back to the community in the form of Open Source software, blog posts and tutorials.

We’re looking for talented robotics software engineers to design, implement, integrate and test autonomous navigation and robot control software on heavy industrial machines. The role includes developing software for perception, SLAM, motion planning, and trajectory control and integrating robotics navigation software with embedded hardware.

Robotics Intern

At Exyn Technologies, we are excited about the future of robotics in the realm of aerial autonomy. Groundbreaking aerial robots require great engineering, and we’re looking for passionate and dedicated interns to be a part of our Philadelphia team. To apply for internship, you need to be currently pursuing a graduate or undergraduate degree in engineering. Highly motivated high school students will also be considered.

As a robotics intern, you will research, develop, and implement to extend our core algorithm, software, and hardware technologies while supporting our critical milestones. You will be part of an early-stage company and will have an opportunity to impact the direction of the company. There will be opportunities to support field testing, work with customers and investors, as well receiving mentoring from the team members.

Co-Op Software Engineer – Perception (Fall 2019)

Our goal is saving lives through autonomous technology.

We are seeking people who are passionate about making a difference in the world. Torc is growing, and we’re assembling teams of creative, ambitious people who have the tenacity to make the impossible possible. Join us as we make our roads, workplaces, and missions safer for everyone.

Our culture is one of openness and transparency and our work reflects that. Torc’rs are encouraged to bring forward new ideas and initiatives, and no matter what job you are working on, you’ll be able to directly observe how your contribution comes to life in the solutions we create together.

About the Role:

We are looking for a Software Engineer with an understanding of autonomous vehicles and expertise in computer vision, LiDAR data, or object tracking.

As Software Engineer on our Active Sensing/Perception team, you will develop and test software components and algorithms for autonomous systems. You’ll also be involved in creating systems that detect, classify, segment and predict obstacles in the vehicle’s surrounding environment.

Intelligent Systems Group Lead

We are looking for an Intelligent Systems Group Lead!
The Intelligent Systems Group houses Aurora’s expertise in planning, estimation, and control of cutting-edge autonomous aircraft and multi-vehicle systems.

3D Perception Engineer/Scientist

This position requires extensive knowledge and experience in 3D computer vision including calibration, point cloud processing (filtering, fusing, segmentation), and estimation using C++ and ROS.

Talent Pool: Internships

Kiwi Campus is continuously looking for the brightest, most ambitious and talented people to join our incredible team. If you are interested in doing an internship with us please submit your application to our Talent Pool. We are focusing on all areas of Kiwi: data, robotics, artificial intelligence, hardware, business development, and design. Please make sure to state clearly in your application in which area you would like to intern and in which country you are located.

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