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Robot arm to play Shuffleboard

We are looking to build a robot that can play shuffleboard. The arm gets input from a computer – allowing people to play shuffleboard through the internet. The basic commands are to move the arm 1-100 on an X-Y axis and 1-100 in terms of forward thrust power.

Cloud Robotics Software Engineer

Ava Robotics designs and builds intelligent autonomous mobile robots that comfortably coexist with humans in workplaces and other large spaces. Ava Robotics is transforming what it means to collaborate by combining intelligent autonomous mobility with high definition audio & video, one of the applications is telepresence enabling workers to easily and safely move around a remote location as if they are physically there.

We encourage a culture of entrepreneurship, collaboration, empowerment, and innovation. If you have a passion for Robotics and Artificial Intelligence – come work with us on cutting edge technologies in an exciting environment.

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