System Ingegration Engineering Jobs

Systems Integration Engineer

We’d love to hire someone who can help us integrate our sensors into our customers’ autonomous vehicles. The system integration engineer will need to translate and explain technical information to customers and clients, focusing on revealing how NODAR can solve specific problems, and will need to be able to listen to customer needs. The role requires a science or engineering degree and understanding the functions and components that enable our products to work. The system integration engineer will work closely with the engineering team.

Systems Engineering Intern

As a Systems intern, your principal work assignments will involve supporting the company’s development efforts in airborne, terrestrial and maritime unmanned systems and the software that drives them.

Autonomous Driving System Software Engineer

Your responsibilities:

Specification, definition of requirements and documentation of drivers and sensor interfaces together with the system and requirements engineers.
Development of safety critical software to read from and configure Lidar, Radar, Cameras, GPS and IMU sensors supporting Linux/QNX or Autosar.
Development of supervision, data verification and system status verification software components for Linux/QNX or Autosar.
Adaptation and performance optimization of software components for DriveCoreTMCompute.
Analysis and verification of drivers and target packages to ensure the required functionality.
Modification, extension and development of software tools for visualization, logging and analyzing of target system memory, CPU and stack usage.

Systems Engineer

We are looking for an experienced systems engineer to join us and drive the interaction and validation of autonomous driving capabilities across engineering disciplines.

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