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Director of Robotics Research

The Autodesk Robotics Lab publishes peer-reviewed research, builds prototypes that receive coverage in highly regarded media outlets, and regularly files patents. Research scientists in the lab apply 3D design tools, machine learning, and emerging technologies to build world-changing solutions that were never before possible with robots. We are looking for a recognized expert in the field of robotics to lead research, and to direct the vision for robotics at Autodesk.

Robot Perception Engineer

XYZ Robotics develops AI-powered robotic technologies to transform supply chain automation. We specialized in robotic vision processors and end-effector design for random product picking and placing in the logistics and manufacturing domain. Allowing robots to “Pick anything, Place anywhere” is our mission.

Software Engineer – Full Stack

Nextera Robotics is a robotics and AI company started by MIT alumni, recently graduated from Y-Combinator. Our clients include Dunkin Donuts, Tesla. Looking for a Full-stack Engineer with a proven track record

Software Engineer – Autonomous Navigation for Robots

Nextera Robotics is a robotics and AI company started by MIT alumni. We have recently graduated from Y-Combinator, our clients include Dunkin Donuts, Tesla, and Analog Devices. Looking for a Software Engineer with experience in autonomous mobile robot navigation, SLAM algorithms

Senior Test Automation Engineer

We are looking for a Senior Test Automation Engineer to help refine our quality practices and architect a next-generation test automation framework. This individual will collaborate with our software development team and other senior leaders to develop test strategies, test tools and test plans. The individual will integrate into our scrum teams, taking a hands-on approach to not only developing new tests, but helping execute them as well.

Software Engineer (Robotics, Python)

We are looking for an experienced software engineer to develop critical systems software for robots running in the field. This individual will work closely with our team of researchers to integrate state-of-the-art algorithms into our robot while preserving stability, consistent APIs, and system speed. A minimum of 2 years experience in software development required.

Senior Vision and Machine Learning Engineer

Our Software, Research and Development team — is seeking a Senior Vision and Machine Learning Engineer to join the team. In this role you will be primarily responsible for developing and maintaining our proprietary suite of pixel-level, geometric, and data-driven vision algorithms (e.g., calibration, 3D reconstruction, object detection) in our multi-camera system. These algorithms are the foundation that enables our fleet of robots to precisely interact with its workspace. This provides an opportunity to have a major impact on our product by contributing software that regularly ships to all of our customers.

Robotics Engineering Interns

Southie Autonomy Works (SAW) is changing the way people use and interact with collaborative robots, making flexible automation available to any size business and production scale. Located at MassRobotics in the Seaport, SAW is developing a novel interaction paradigm using robot AI and augmented reality and we are looking to grow the team. We are seeking Robotics Engineering Interns

System Engineer

Hydroid’s REMUS and Seaglider AUVs provide innovative and reliable solutions for the marine research, defense and commercial markets. Hydroid employees are passionate about their work and strive to produce top-quality products and service. All products are designed, manufactured, marketed and sold from the Hydroid facilities in Cape Cod, MA and Lynnwood, WA.

Senior Electrical Engineer

We are very excited to grow our team and are looking for a dynamic, quick thinking, and results-focused Senior Electrical Engineer to join our Seaport area office. If you have a passion for all things tech, read on.

As a Senior Electrical Engineer at Cleo, you will be responsible for the design and testing of electrical components for the Dronut UAV such as power regulators and converters, power consumption sensors, integration of radio and other SMT modules, charging circuits, and more. The successful applicant will demonstrate knowledge of considerations when designing high frequency power switching systems for robotic components such as motors and servos, design with EMI/EMC in mind, prior experience with writing and understanding of low level hardware access layer embedded software and firmware in C and C++ for platforms such as Atmega, STM, and others.

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