Quality Assurance Engineering Full Time Jobs

Head of Technical Operations

As Head of Technical Operations, you’ll lead projects at the intersection of engineering and business functions. You’ll work closely with our engineering team to select and vet our sensors and other components at our facility and in the field. In addition, you’ll develop a systematic process for assembling and testing both our hardware and our software on actual robots in our testing yard. Finally, you’ll be responsible for vendor relationships, negotiations and supply chain management.

As Built continues to expand, you’ll build a team to scale kit assembly and QA. And, as in any fast-growing startup, you may pick up additional responsibilities related to your work, including IP strategy, technical partnerships, regulatory compliance, and technical product management.

Robot Quality Assurance (QA) Engineer

As a Robot Quality Assurance (QA) Engineer at Simbe Robotics you will be part of a talented team ensuring product quality for our worldwide fleet of autonomous Tally robots.

In this role you will design, develop, and oversee the execution of test protocols for functional verification and validation for autonomous mobile Tally robots and will work closing with members of hardware and software engineering teams

Lead Software Test Engineer, Robotic Surgery

The Digital Orthopedic Surgery team is bringing innovation to patient care. We are using robotics and digital tools for surgical teams to increase the performance, accuracy, and safety of surgical procedures. We are creating an extensible operating room ecosystem to support our surgical robotics. Our vision is to create a process of continuous improvement through analysis of intra-operative and post-operative surgical data. We are dedicated to improving patient outcomes through the advancement of medical technology. The Lead Software Test Engineer will lead and manage test engineers on a cross-functional team to deliver production medical systems.

Senior Software Engineer – Robotics Simulation

Our Simulation team is responsible for building all of the tools we need to test and validate our autonomous vehicles performance and behavior before they go out on the road. That includes tools validating that our perception systems properly detect obstacles on the road, that our planning systems pick safe and efficient paths through the world, and that our controls systems can properly follow those plans.
We are looking for Software Engineers to build reliable, sophisticated simulation tools for autonomous vehicle software development, benchmarking, and testing. Help us create a custom virtual world used by multiple teams on a daily basis, and accelerate the development of our AV software.


OM STILLINGEN Din væsentligste opgave bliver konstruktion af løsninger til industrien og aktuelt hospitalssektoren i tæt samarbejde med virksomhedens sælgere, programmører og projektledere. Du vil komme til at arbejde selvstændigt såvel som i teams og du vil blive stillet overfor faglige udfordringer, hvor al din viden og ekspertise vil blive anvendt, udfordret og udviklet. Du […]

IT Support Manager, Odense, Denmark

Do you want to lead a passionate IT support team, who works hard to help our organization succeed by providing us with great and fast IT support? As our future IT Support Manager, we offer you an exciting opportunity to lead a small dedicated support team which provides excellent IT support to our departments all […]

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