Operator Jobs

Vice President Operations

Purpose: Manage, direct, lead, and support the Tompkins Robotics team in a variety of roles at different levels – managerial to executive depending on the need presented at any given time. Intimately involved with client relations, full sales cycle, operations management from concept to after go live support, and product development invention, commercialization, and implementation. Leadership role in terms of HR, hiring, financial, organizational management, and other functions. Reports direct to the President and works autonomously much of the time.

Operations Engineer

Are you interested in finding ways to combine your love of machine learning with scalable operations and service orchestration? We’re working on a revolutionary platform, which enables human operators to interactively teach and deploy a neural network. We need your help to get us to the next level.

Field Operations Engineer

As a Field Operations Engineer, you’ll have a foundational role in charting this growth and bringing innovation to one of the world’s most critical industries. Join us!

Head of Technical Operations

As Head of Technical Operations, you’ll lead projects at the intersection of engineering and business functions. You’ll work closely with our engineering team to select and vet our sensors and other components at our facility and in the field. In addition, you’ll develop a systematic process for assembling and testing both our hardware and our software on actual robots in our testing yard. Finally, you’ll be responsible for vendor relationships, negotiations and supply chain management.

As Built continues to expand, you’ll build a team to scale kit assembly and QA. And, as in any fast-growing startup, you may pick up additional responsibilities related to your work, including IP strategy, technical partnerships, regulatory compliance, and technical product management.

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