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Web Application Developer (Fleet Manager)

The OTTO Motors branch of Clearpath is looking for a software developer/engineer to join the Fleet Application team.

In Fleet Applications, we are responsible for the design, development, and support of software applications that are created to allow customers to interact with, monitor and support their fleets of OTTO Autonomous Vehicles. This involves participation in the entire product workflow, from customer insight gathering, problem definition, solution proposals, application design, development, and support.

For this role, we are seeking an individual to join the fleet application development team to help us build and support industry defining applications for working with autonomous vehicles and fleets. You would be working closely with the other members of the development team, as well as many other groups within OTTO Motors, in order to provide awesome solutions to the problems our customers want to solve with their fleets of OTTO vehicles.

Mobile Software Engineering Manager

iRobot’s Software Engineering is looking for an exceptional leader to join our team. You’ll be a key contributor to iRobot’s talented and exciting Digital products program. You’ll get to work on inventive software products that provide our customers with rich and convenient ways to interact with our family of consumer robots. The ideal candidate can thrive in a fast-paced environment and enjoys the effective interplay on multi-disciplinary teams to deliver new product capabilities.

As manager of the Mobile software team you will utilize your strong engineering management skills and technical competency, and lead development in an Agile environment to successfully iterate and achieve key product goals. You’ll foster collaboration across technology teams in IoT connectivity, cloud, data analytics, as well as robotics, contributing to next-generation iRobot products and Digital features. Software innovation at iRobot will surprise you.

Software Engineer – Mobile

Who we are:

We are a venture-capital backed software company based in the East Liberty neighborhood of Pittsburgh, Pa, who just finished our Series A funding round. RoadBotics is creating a new way that engineering firms and public works departments operate by bringing advanced technologies such as AI into their process. This helps everyone by reducing the financial strain on the citizens and improving overall road quality. We’re looking for someone to work full-time out of our Pittsburgh, PA office. You can learn more by checking out our website here:

Fun stuff:

We utilize Google Cloud Platform as our cloud service provider, leveraging many of their services such as Firebase, App Engine, and Storage among others.

Python is our backend language of choice which is used to largely drive the operational side of the business and the secret sauce of our artificial intelligence platform.

On the front end, we stand on the shoulders of giants, using React extensively across nearly every project that requires an interface. Moving over to the mobile – we continue this tradition using React-Native to build out our data collection application for both Android and iOS.

Who you are:

You’re a talented mobile engineer who on your first day, can add value to the team with just your demeanor. You enjoy new challenges and can work independently for periods of time. You have a passion for learning new technologies, libraries, and frameworks. Writing satisfying code is what gets you out of bed in the morning. You have a positive attitude, and consider yourself a solution-oriented person. The urge to prematurely optimize your code is something you fight with every fiber of your being. The opportunity to work with highly-talented engineers is exactly what you’ve been waiting for.

Senior Mobile IOS Engineer

The Challenge: We are a team of highly skilled mobile developers working on an application that flies drones and captures images for processing and analysis on the world’s largest cloud software platform for drones. We are looking for engineers who consider themselves experts on shipping high-quality products. As a Senior Mobile Engineer, you will be responsible for writing, reviewing, and shipping the native and cross-platform code that make up our mobile apps.

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