Machine Vision Full Time Jobs

Intelligent Systems Group Lead

We are looking for an Intelligent Systems Group Lead!
The Intelligent Systems Group houses Aurora’s expertise in planning, estimation, and control of cutting-edge autonomous aircraft and multi-vehicle systems.

Sr. Perception Engineer

We are seeking experts and explorers in the areas of perception and sensor fusion, machine learning, human-collaborative engineering, big data, deep learning, novel algorithm development for breakthrough autonomy research!
The Perception & Sensing group is developing methods for aircraft to realize their surroundings!

Computer Vision Scientist

You will collaborate with a team of multidisciplinary engineers to tackle hard problems and help advance the future of autonomous robots. More specifically, you will apply computer vision and computational geometry fundamentals to real world problems related to autonomous vehicles’ ability to perceive the world around them. As an example, you will work with both 2D and 3D object detection and segmentation using deep learning to facilitate the autonomous robot’s operations. The position consists of the full development cycle where you’d design a test setup for emulating the real-world conditions, develop algorithms to perform the required measurements, test it on the field and refine the product by learning and applying new algorithms.

Software Engineer, Robotics – Motion Planning

You will design, integrate and maintain solutions to global routing and obstacle avoidance subsystems for autonomous platforms operating in complex outdoor environments. You will be responsible for helping vehicles understand how to navigate from point A to B in the real world that looks a little different every time the robot leaves the depot.

Autonomous Vehicle Systems Engineer

As an Autonomous Vehicle Systems Engineer, you will be responsible for the development of software tools and integration of various sensors (radar, ultrasonics etc.) on autonomous vehicle test vehicles. You will work cross-functionally with trajectory and planning algorithm engineers, perception engineers and cloud robotics developers. The role also includes system and module level tests in the field and rapid response to issues as they arise.

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