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Machine Learning Research Engineer

We are searching for a full-time machine learning research engineer to help us improve the capabilities our AI software products, which combine state-of-the-art perception algorithms with powerful adaptive decision-making abilities. Our products endow industrial robots with the level of autonomy needed to perform an extensive variety of useful tasks and integrate tightly with our customers’ complex software environments.

As a machine learning research engineer you will explore new and unique approaches to solving problems in the complex perception and control tasks we face. You will be involved in all stages of algorithm development, from inception and initial implementation to evaluation on our robotic platforms. You will collaborate with other machine learning researchers and engineers with expertise in deep learning, computer vision, motion planning, robotic control, and more.

Computer Vision Engineer

We are looking for a computer vision expert to develop, evaluate and release computer vision algorithms into production software. The role will focus on object recognition, localization, adaptive filtering and “one-shot” learning.

Machine Learning Scientist

We are seeking a highly skilled Machine Learning Scientist to join our world-class research and engineering team. They will focus on bringing the state of the art machine learning technology to many different platforms across the company by building state of the art prototypes, consulting on best practices and procedures, mentoring all team members. They must be up to date on the latest and greatest technologies and be able to generate practical plans teams want to follow to successful bring in Machine Learning technologies. Their judgment of the best implementations will be imperative as their suggestions will have a lot of leverage across many different organizations.

Software Engineer – Control, Planning, and Optimization

You will lead our autonomous vehicle control, planning, and optimization team while also designing and implementing the software that will enable our autonomous electric vehicles to know where they are going in a complex world. You will be at the forefront of designing how Boxbots think!

Engineering Manager, Perception

Our mission is to deliver on the promise of self-driving cars. Voyage is building the technology to bring autonomous transportation to those who need it most. Whether a resident doesn’t have access to mobility options or just wants a better way to get around, we take pride in building a service that will get every Voyage passenger to their destination safely, efficiently, and affordably. We are focused on launching our first product – a robo taxi service developed for self-contained slower speed communities – and will soon expand to larger and more complex deployments across the world.

As the Engineering Manager on the Perception team, you will be responsible for managing and growing the team responsible for computer vision, tracking and prediction. Our computer vision models work with lidar and camera data and are state-of-the-art approaches using deep learning for detection, classification, segmentation, and understanding of the scene. The perception team’s responsibilities include processing the sensor data to give object tracks, classes, and future trajectories. In addition the team is responsible for pushing the state-of-the-art to pursue more data-driven methods across the rest of the self-driving car stack (decision-making, planning, and control). The perception team is one of the most important and critical teams in our company and the engineering manager will have a lot of influence over the technical direction of the company.

Software Engineer, Implementation

Our mission is to deliver on the promise of self-driving cars. Voyage is building the technology to bring autonomous transportation to those who need it most.

Voyage’s next product is an autonomous taxi service located within a 125,000 resident retirement community in Florida. Here, our fleet delivers on the promise of autonomous driving – solving the mobility needs of residents who need it most. Whether a resident faces mobility restrictions, or just wants to take a ride, we take pride in getting every Voyage passenger to their destination safely, efficiently, and affordably.

Software Engineers at Voyage are directly responsible for the software stack that powers our self-driving taxi service. Software Engineers lead the technical direction and implementation of crucial Voyage services, including our robotics platform, mapping, tele-operations and simulation. Our autonomous vehicles are in production today – providing safe and efficient transportation in private communities across the US.

As we expand across the US, we will invariably run into new challenges that require additions or modifications to our software systems. Handling new traffic patterns, specific restrictions in data handling procedures, and geographic-based differences in driving behaviors are just a few examples of integration challenges that require a strong engineer that is able to triage, understand, and implement code modifications that fit within existing architectures and design patterns.

Machine Learning Engineer

Machine learning engineers will work within the machine learning team to design, code, train, test, deploy and iterate on large scale machine learning systems, joining a tightly-knit collective of engineers, product designers, and research scientists, applying recent advances in the field.

Versatility and agility are essential for this role. Ideal candidates will combine familiarity with multiple techniques with a capacity to quickly pick up new techniques, such as neural networks (CNNs, RNNs, GCNs, GANs etc), active learning, Bayesian optimization, anomaly detection, image/video classification, semantic segmentation, natural language understanding, semantic language parsing, multimodal analysis, predictive and generative modeling.

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