Computer Science Full Time Jobs

Data Engineer

Optimus Ride vehicles and systems generate large volumes of rich, complex data that are used both on- and off-vehicle to make decisions with real world consequences. We are looking for data engineers who are excited by the challenge of implementing and orchestrating complex dataflows to power self-driving vehicles.

Our team is focused on a rapid path to market in order to maximize the benefits of self-driving technologies for all. To do this, we need our engineers to be versatile, have leadership qualities, and be enthusiastic about tackling problems across the full range of our systems. Working at Optimus Ride you will innovate with engineers and designers who cumulatively have decades of experience in software development, computer vision, machine learning, sensing and actuation, human-machine interface, and design. You will be creating new technologies through software development that integrates your areas of expertise to enable self-driving systems to be possible today.

Senior Robotics and Controls Engineer

You will be responsible for developing the algorithms and SW for the next generation of surgical robots. You will be identifying, designing and implementing new control modes and software features for Verb’s state of the art robotic system. You will implement and test your code with hardware, troubleshooting bugs and implementing feature enhancements for the existing control modes.

The successful candidate will have experience working as part of a multi-disciplinary team and will support Verb to bring robust and reliable products to the market. This role will include regular interface with our corporate partners, vendors and consultants. You will be working alongside team members that are changing the face of healthcare.

Computer Vision / Machine Learning Researcher for Sensor Fusion with Deep Learning

Maps rule the world. They inform and underpin some of the most crucial decisions that are made in society—but the world is moving so fast that maps everywhere get outdated quicker than any single player can update them. That’s where Mapillary comes in. We allow anyone, anywhere to update maps at scale, using nothing but cameras. We apply computer vision to street-level imagery to generate map data at scale, so that people and organizations everywhere can build better maps.

We are looking for a Computer Vision / Machine Learning Researcher, who will investigate the problem of sensor fusion (from multiple industrial-type RGB cameras, stereo-images, LiDAR, RADAR, etc.) using deep learning. The successful applicant will take ownership in developing, communicating and exchanging research insights within an academic and industrial consortium. The goal is to generate and publish ideas in top-level computer vision and machine learning conferences (CVPR, ICCV, NeurIPS, etc.).

Sr Embedded Software Engineer

As an EmbeddedSoftware Engineeryou will bring your experience and innovative ideas to Grabit. We need our engineers to be versatile, display leadership qualities and be enthusiastic to take on new problems across the full-stack as we continue to push our solutions and technology forward. In this role you need experience in lower-level computer systems, computer architecture, embedded systems and kernel development. Areas of development may include device drivers, embedded firmware, RTOS implementation, performance tuning, debugging tools, tests and release management, inter-connection of distributed embedded systems and design and development of Graphical User Interfaces (GUI) to control and configure a complete system

Software Engineer – Robotics

This is a full time position working at the Roam facility in San Francisco. You will work with our software and electrical engineering team to develop, validate, and deploy the software for our early product platforms. This position is perfect for someone looking to have a significant impact on this emerging technology as we design, develop, and produce the next generation of wearable robots. Some of the specific responsibilities include:

Writing high quality embedded C++ software that can be tested and deployed on early systems

Develop high level algorithms to plan the device behavior, and control the system to perform as desired

Oversee testing and development efforts of new products with medical applications, which will require time spent on site at clinical testing facilities

We are seeking highly motivated and adaptable individuals who will explore the peaks and valleys of all problems that may come up while building a new generation of robots for everyday life.

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