Cloud Computing Jobs

Lead Software Engineer, Cloud Platform

Argo AI Cloud Platform engineers create reusable architecture patterns for cloud engineering via infrastructure as code for Argo teams to leverage as common shared components and educate Argo teams on how to architect their solutions for scale, security, and reviewed changes through automation. The Cloud Platform team interacts with engineering teams spanning from remote vehicle operations, ingest/data processing, mapping, labeling, triage, machine learning (detection, prediction, tracking), motion planning/control, offline simulation, and release/deployment teams to unify development practices and scalable efficiency of cloud/cloud native technologies

Engineers in the Cloud Platform team will be based in either Pittsburgh, PA or Palo Alto, CA.


We are seeking a Senior Back-end Engineer, Cloud Services to build core systems and tools for our hardware and software platform. In this role, you’ll collaborate with a cross-functional robotics team to create software that harvests images, computes at scale, and helps customers interact with dense 3D datasets. This is a generalist role that involves working with a variety of systems and languages across different software environments with a focus on cloud services. Your work will both make robots fly, and will turn data into actionable information for our customers.

Senior Developer (Cloud)

Do you want to step into the future and develop innovative technology for tomorrows mobility? Take a chance and change the world! Zenuity is looking for skilled cloud developers to join our teams in Gothenburg.

Why Join?

We work on interesting technical challenges using cutting edge technologies in a high performance, agile organization with an innovative environment & high level of autonomy, putting you in the driver’s seat. We have a team-based structure with professional management & continuous development, where you will be exposed to many areas within our domain maximizing development opportunities.

Software Developer – Robot Networking

We believe in providing our clients with complete solutions revolutionizing manufacture and warehousing. Clearpath provides system software that allows its customers to direct and monitor their fleet of robots without having to worry about the details. We’re looking for an experienced Software Developer to help us get our robots working in efficient harmony.

You will be responsible for the architecture, design, and integration of Clearpath’s fleet command and control component. Your initial challenge will be to architect a communication layer that permits a single fleet manager instance to control hundreds of robots while using minimal bandwidth and resources. You will work closely with the rest of the Clearpath development team to make sure that we are delivering properly engineered solutions and will help with the integration of significant fleet deployments.

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