Artificial Intelligence Jobs

Software Developer – Autonomy (SLAM)

Our robots make maps of a wide variety of indoor spaces, including malls, grocery stores, colleges, hospitals, airports, etc., using lasers and cameras. Using these maps, our robots plan optimal paths to cover the floor space as quickly and completely as possible. We are looking for an autonomy software developer to improve our localization and mapping software.

Senior Software Developer – Sensors (Team Lead)

We are looking for a senior software developer to join and lead our platform team to work on sensors algorithms.

Machine Learning Software Engineer

We believe there are many problems in the world in which robotics could play a significant role in making it easier, faster and safer for people to get things done.

You’d join a small scrappy technical team applying ML/RL to some hard unsolved problems combining robotics, controls, and sensing.

Computer Vision & Machine Learning Software Engineer

The Autonomous Driving Software Engineer will be responsible for implementing autonomous driving software features on our in vehicle ECUs.

Full Stack Developer

Are you interested in finding ways to apply your web development skills to help shape the next generation infrastructure, that will power Artificial Intelligence in a variety of application domains? We’re working on a revolutionary platform, which enables human operators to interactively teach a neural network.

UI/UX Designer

Are you interested in finding ways to apply your UX development skills to help push the boundaries of Vision Artificial Intelligence?

Dev Ops Engineer

Are you interested in finding ways to apply your knowledge of operations and backend development skills to help shape our new and growing Artificial Intelligence platform?

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