Santa Clara Convention Center

December 9-10, 2019

Healthcare Robotics Engineering Forum

Santa Clara, CA

Our partners at the Robot Report are producing a great event in Santa Clara, the Healthcare Robotics Engineering Forum

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Demand Drivers
Throughout the world the healthcare sector is struggling from the combined pressure of skyrocketing costs, as well as the need to continuously improve the quality of services and results. In some areas, rapidly aging populations and a shortage of qualified workers, are also stressing healthcare systems. Robotics technology is viewed by healthcare professionals, business leaders and government officials as playing a major role in addressing a wide range of pressing healthcare challenges, and as a key means to provide better healthcare services while controlling costs.

Healthcare Robotics
“Healthcare Robotics” is commonly defined as the application of robotic technology to healthcare to diagnose and treat disease, or to correct, restore or modify a body function or a body part. Yet this older definition is too narrow and does not reflect the expanded role robotics technologies have come to play in the healthcare sector. The more expansive healthcare robotics market itself is much larger, and can be taxonomized according to the target group the technology supports.