Robots.Jobs is working with organizations and companies to produce new career recruiting events and career fairs for the Fall. Please keep an eye as we announce events in San Francisco, San Jose, Boston and Pittsburgh for Fall 2019, and potentially in other areas as well. 

Candidates, these career events present wonderful opportunities to meet companies and talent acquisition teams from some of the great robotics companies that are  currently posting on our website. We always encourage our candidates to attend these events, knowing that some candidates within our community can be frustrated with the online application process. We get it! We may love building robots, but we may not want AI/Robots performing an initial screening of our resumes! Live events put power back into the your hands, and give you an opportunity to meet and speak to leaders of great robotics companies. Quite often, multiple members of companies attend these events, allowing you to ask questions and to learn more about the companies, even before you apply. There are many opportunities out there – something we highlight through our job board, so, getting the answers that you want is a great way to become active in your job search.

If you are a robotics company interested in hosting an event for the Robots.Jobs community, please contact Robots.Jobs. We are eager to work with you, whether doing so with your company alone, or with others, and we have a few different formats of events that we can produce with you. Our community has come out to support our events in the past, and we have seen increasing numbers of candidates signing up to register for our Open House mailing list. So, if you are interested in meeting members of the Robots.Jobs community, please reach out, and we’d love to work with you on an event in the near future.