About Us.

People  Power Robots

Our Mission:

There is a person behind every drone, medical robot, autonomous vehicle, or robotic arm. A person with skills, thoughts, ideas, dreams of the future and values, seeks to make life better by creating machines that can help other people live healthier, more innovative, more efficient, and better lives. Robots play an increasingly valuable role in society; they will be developed and improved by people.

 Robots.Jobs is partnering with leading robotics organizations and companies to create a central talent marketplace. We believe that companies and products will be built faster by connecting great people to top teams to develop better tools.

Our industry's products inspire us, and we share their vision that future generations will live improved lives using robotics and related technologies.



We're based in Boston...

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...but our talent is global.

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Meet the team.


Ann P. Walsh, SPHR

CEO & Co-Founder

Ann Walsh, SPHR, is a start-up Human Resource Executive with over 25 years of expertise in architecting and implementing global human capital strategies in high growth, employee-first organizations. She is "passionate about people" and has a natural gift of matching talent with opportunities.  Ann's vast knowledge of start-ups, organizational design, talent acquisition/management, mergers and acquisitions, and diversity and inclusion combined with her straightforward, transparent approach creates incredible corporate cultures with highly engaged teams.  

A life-long learner, Ann has received certificates in leadership, management, conflict resolution, and negotiation from the Program on Negotiation at Harvard Law School; design thinking from Massachusetts Institute of Technology; and diversity and inclusion at Cornell University's ILR School. She is a certified Senior Human Resources Professional (SPHR) and has a Bachelor's of Science degree in finance from University of Massachusetts, Lowell.



Joyce Sidopoulos

Co-Founder & Advisor

Joyce Sidopoulos is a Co-Founder and Vice President for Programs and Community at MassRobotics, where she develops high impact programs for the robotics ecosystem, highlighting startups technology, matching startups with potential funders and customers, engaging with tech sectors who benefit from robotics adoption, connecting students and talent to potential employers and working with academia to commercialize research.  She co-founded Robots.jobs as a talent marketplace focused on matching robotics and AI company’s opportunities with jobseekers.

She holds a BS in Electrical Engineering from Cornell University.  Previous positions held include Chief Engineer for Acoustic Performance System, Systems & Test Engineer, and Sonar Systems Analyst/Engineer for the Naval Underwater Systems Center and Business Development Director for General Dynamics.




Dr. Heather Ames


Heather contributes diverse executive skills ranging from overseeing multi-million dollar applied research initiatives, strategic planning, product management, and leading translation of research into commercial products. Heather has spoken at TechCrunch, Forrester, The Robotics Summit and more.

She was honored as a finalist in EY's prestigious Entrepreneur of the Year award, at Google's headquarters as being one of the Top 10 Women in Cloud emerging technology, and recently inducted to Bettendorf High School Hall of Honor. Heather has served as the Executive Director of the NSF-sponsored CELEST Science of Learning Center at Boston University. She holds a PhD in Cognitive and Neural Systems, Boston University and a BS in Cognitive Neuroscience, University of California at Berkeley.