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Real-time, collision-free motion planning empowers you to apply flexible robot control technology to vastly broader applications.

Realtime Robotics
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Our Story.

Founded in March 2016 by Duke University professors Dan Sorin and George Konidaris, Realtime Robotics enables complex robotic motion planning tasks to be accomplished up to 10,000 times faster than previously possible using a proprietary special-purpose processor – allowing robotic systems to instantly react to their environments, and compute how and where to move as their situation is changing. This groundbreaking ability to instantly plan motion in response to rapidly changing conditions overcomes one of the primary challenges preventing robots and autonomous vehicles from achieving their enormous potential.

Accelerating Market Penetration

We are dedicated to enabling robotics to achieve its long promised future. Sensing and cognition are making enormous strides, driven by the rapid development of autonomous vehicle technology. Human-safe robotic arms and sensitive grasping technologies are also moving rapidly.

We intend to work with industry leaders to help stitch together easy-to-customize solutions, allowing the tens of thousands of system integrators around the world to outfit the factories, care centers, and homes of the future.