We know members of our community will be participating in, attending, and speaking at Xponential 2019. Like Promat/Automate, we encourage our candidates on Robots.Jobs to attend the event and meet and speak with the companies. We encourage you to do your research in advance – find the list of companies that are exhibiting and learn more about who they are and how they are looking to grow. We know that new opportunities are growing in this rapidly advancing field of robotics and hope to add more jobs from this field to our site in the near term. 

If you would like a great preview of the event, see our partners at the Robotics Business Review’s preview about next week’s event in Chicago.  We expect to see new vision systems, new power solutions, and a wide variety of innovative new drone solutions and platforms to be on full display at the event. 

We’ve been excited this week and thinking about drones and the skies above us. Why? Yesterday’s big news at Wing, regarding the FAA, should continue to spark changes and business development in the field. Looking at the list of exhibitors at the upcoming event, and others not yet participating or investing in the field, we know that changes are coming. Terrafugia was one of the first companies to join our marketplace several months back, and, as a Boston based company, we know well and is working to change how transportation will work in the years ahead. Even in an indoor setting, we are excited this week to begin working with and promoting job opportunities from Cleo Robotics:  innovation is happening all around us, not just on the ground, but around and above us, even in an indoor setting… it’s all about technology and innovation!

We want to open it up to our community…

  • What are you excited most excited about seeing in the drone/autonomous flight space in the next 5 years? Where do you think we’ll be in 2022? 2025? 2030?
  • How will delivery, our skies, and the way that we travel change in the next few years?
  • If you are attending Xponential, what new technologies/companies are you most excited to see? 

It’s an exciting time in the Drones business, and we want to learn more about what interests you in this space.