Candidates:  One great time tested strategy for getting to know companies that you want to be targeting and applying for is to FOLLOW THE MONEY. These robotics companies are raising funds for a variety of reasons, including development, testing, general operations,  but, surely, one of the primary reasons is also to build great teams, with talented and skilled people. And that is where you come in to the picture… because we know that we have a candidate pool on Robots.Jobs that is looking.for jobs. in #robotics!!

You can look all over the internet for robotics companies that are receiving funding, but, we’re going to save you some time here, thanks to our great partners at the Robot Report. 

The Robot Report article, out today thanks to our friend, , can help you follow the money trail… We recommend reading and reviewing it. Look at this great list and the variety of robotics companies that are receiving financial backing.  Find a company, and take a look at what jobs they are now posting.

We’ve been highlighting some of these companies on our platform already – so -> definitely check out the job opportunities on Robots.Jobs for Locus Robotics and Ava Robotics, because these companies are receiving funding and are growing, so, #Apply.  We hope to have posts from some of the other companies on this list in the coming weeks, including from some of the prominent companies that are acquiring some of the startups listed. 

In the meantime, we know that having resources like this available for our candidates at Robots.Jobs is important. We’re happy to play a helpful role in connecting our candidates to our robotics companies with useful information, and building teams faster. We encourage you to review and apply.