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Hi, we're Autonodyne.

Autonodyne is a Boston-based software AI company specialized in control of highly automated or unscrewed vehicles. We got our start in aviation but have since branched out into other domains (air, sea, and land). We have real products and software now.

We are building upon our existing extensive set of functionality to help foster the age of true autonomy and artificial intelligence. Our technology and architectures are applied across a wide range of use cases and scenarios. We like to think we are providing “additive autonomy” and some sophisticated “Reasoning-On-The-Edge (ROTE™)” to enable Uncrewed Vehicle (UV) products and services.

Autonodyne: The sum of the parts

Our Story.

The founders of Autonodyne have a long history in aviation and in software development. The company began in 2014 as a spinoff from Avidyne Corporation who has been building FAA-certified avionics for human-piloted aircraft for the last 25 years. Using the foundation of Avidyne technology in such areas as navigation systems, autopilots, on-board sensors, and systems management software, Autonodyne has optimized that technology for the highly automated, uncrewed, and autonomous vehicle world. Starting with air-based vehicles, the company has since expanded the technology suite to the land and sea domains.

Our Vision.

We are in an exciting time as innovators throughout the industrialized world move rapidly to develop the technologies that will move people and goods with autonomous vehicles through the air, land, and sea. Autonodyne focuses on the control of those autonomous vehicles and the tasks they need to perform to be fully autonomous. We want to be in the vanguard of those companies leading in the research and development of those technologies. With a business model that focuses primarily on software solutions that enable dissimilar autonomous vehicles to perform tasks either individually, or as a team, we are poised to take a leadership role in this emerging field. The combination of the right talent, working in an exciting and dynamic environment, allows us to achieve our goals while making it equally rewarding for those people that work at Autonodyne.

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