Most people attend the Automate/Promat show to buy or sell a new product. At Robots.Jobs, you know that we are always going to be thinking about people and getting products and teams built more quickly. Our Candidates and applicants on Robots.Jobs are looking for the very best companies and opportunities within the robotics industry, and Automate/Promat featured many great companies that are already within our marketplace and others that we hope will be joining soon. Even after the event, we still think certain criteria can be used both at a live show and in review of opportunities on our marketplace. Today, we review some factors that our candidates will want to consider in their application process, which are true whether you attended the show or did not. Criteria to consider as a candidate include more than just salary and benefits: robotic product; size/stage of company; opportunities for the business to grow and for personal professional growth; location and expansion plans; and, of course, leadership and people: what is the culture of the organization and who are the people that you’d be working with at a company? All of these matter to our candidates!

The candidates within our robotics community have more choices than ever in the robotics field to really find opportunities that they will love, depending on what their interests and preferences are. It’s not as simple as, “I want to get a job working in robotics”. Even a candidate who knows that they want to do within industrial robotics, could be amazed by the sheer number of companies that were presenting, and the scope of the features being featured. 



Product. From a candidate’s perspective, product does make a difference: if you are more you passionate about computer vision, platform, or logistics, rather than autonomy, or other robotics applications, this show had plenty of great companies to consider. The relationship between the underlying product or software, and solving problems could be of interest to our candidate pool. We encourage you to look at our marketplace to discover companies like these. We were impressed by what we saw at the Brain Corp booth, at 6 River Systems, at IFM, at Universal Robots, at Righthand Robotics and at so many of the booths, because we saw these companies building amazing products, and surely our candidates would want to participate in building these products, too. We’ll leave the analysis of product advancement to other experts, to our partners,  but, we do recommend to our job seekers – look closely at the details of the companies, read up on the Robot Report and the Robotics Business Review and elsewhere, because product does matter! You want to do your research not only for your own informational purposes, but so you can present well if you get an opportunity to have a conversation with one of these companies.

People and Culture. We always talk about the people side to the business, and the Promat/Automate show offered an opportunity to talk to leaders of some of the companies, which was a tremendous opportunity. The video content we are producing will showcase many of these people, so you’ll get a better idea of personalities and what motivates these teams. 



None of these products would exist without people, and the types of people that you would work with, and spend many hours with collaborating, should matter to you. We loved talking to the leaders at XYZ Robotics, Soft Robotics, Invia Robotics, Humatics and so many more, because we got a better sense for their culture and visions of what types of companies they want to build. We recommend to our candidates to explore and research wherever possible, because while you may end up building collaborative robots, you are still going to end up collaborating with people in building them.

Size/stage of Company. When you walk a show and see Vecna Robotics, Fanuc, Waypoint Robotics, Southie Autonomy, Boston Dynamics, and many more, you come to appreciate that this is an industry that is innovating across the board, with new opportunities at companies old and new, big and small. The companies at the show ranged from Startups to some of the largest and oldest robotics companies in the world. Our community includes job seekers who may have a preference for companies at various stages – and who might be more interested in one versus another. Fortunately, candidates should know that this growing industry is spinning out opportunities at all levels of companies today. We all know that there are many exciting startups, but this show reflected an industry that does not only have startups, but mature companies developing new robotics products.


When we caught up with the team at Boston Dynamics, we felt like we were meeting celebrities! We’ve enjoyed their videos, as I’m sure many of you reading this have. Other brands may be less well known, or newer immediately, but, for some of our candidates, that in and of itself could be exciting and represent opportunity! For you as a candidate, it is just one factor that you’d want to consider in your decision making process.

Location. If the show proved anything, it is that robotics is a growing industry all over the world. Boston. Pittsburgh. Chicago. San Diego. Silicon Valley. South Korea. Japan. Denmark. and so many other countries and cities had robotics companies with booths at the event. This industry is creating jobs around the world today. Some opportunities can be remote, others may require relocation. Opportunities, though, are popping up all over the world. 

Automate/Promat 2019 presented candidates with a great learning opportunity, but the opportunity to become better aware of robotics companies does not end with the close of the show. Our marketplace and partners that we are bringing together, as well as the new tools that we are building, can help you, whether you are a jobseeking candidate, or an established robotics company, connect to new opportunities. At Robots.Jobs, we are actively building robotics teams with some of the elite industry companies. We’re building tools to help you, and we hope to see you participating in our marketplace soon .