Our partners at the Robotic Business Review remind us all that there are a wide variety of jobs that are being created by the robotics industry today. We recommend to our community, including those not yet in the field, to read and consider the opportunities that exist already and that will be available in the coming years in the robotics industries. 

These are businesses that are being born or emerging: they need electrical and mechanical engineers, but they also need people who will market, sell, develop software and more. We believe that millions of new jobs will be created by this industry over the next decade, and we are building Robots.Jobs so people become better aware of the opportunities. We highlight the amazing companies – and we want talented people to be applying – whether they have PhDs or not to the jobs on our site. 

To say robotics today as a field really does not say that much, in terms of where your interests might lie, or how your talent might match up to a company. There are such a wide variety of companies, building industrial robots, autonomous vehicles, drones, medical, logistics and more. 

Take a look – acquire some new skills – and #Apply. #PeoplePowerRobots

How to Build a Robotics Career Without a Ph.D.